Johns Pitches Reforms To Assembly Chamber

February 13, 2018


Assemblyman Mark Johns (R,C,I,Ref-Webster) joined members of the Assembly Minority Conference during today’s legislative session to formally propose reforms to the rules of the state Assembly. John’s landmark bill for legislative equality for all members, regardless of rank or party affiliation, known as the SOLE Act (Single Opportunity for Legislative Reform) was among the reforms proposed today.

“The SOLE Act is one of the greatest things we could do to reform this chamber,” said Johns. “By allowing every single member the opportunity to bring one piece of substantive legislation up for a vote, we would ensure that the people’s voices from across our entire state would be heard in this chamber – not just the voices of those in leadership or from highly populated parts of the state.”

Along with the SOLE Act, the Assembly Minority pitched a litany of other reforms, including measures that would ensure the legislative process is properly followed and avoiding potential abuse of messages of necessity, instilling term limits on legislative leadership positions, and providing all legislators an equal staff allotment regardless of party or seniority.