Walczyk: Affordable College Continues To Be a Dream for Our Students

A statement from Assemblyman Mark Walczyk (R,C,I,Ref-Watertown), in response to the DREAM Act

“While the Majority in the Legislature continues to rubber-stamp new, expensive programs that the governor has proposed, our students are facing a financial crisis that can’t be solved through stretching the education budget even thinner than it already is. Why are people who don’t have citizenship receiving free college in our state while Northern New York families are struggling and working hard to earn a college education? As of 2017, average student debt was $39,500 and continuing to balloon out of control. It’s upsetting because these are working families who aren’t eligible for the governor’s free college programs.

At the same time, my focus is on making sure our youth have job opportunities in our district regardless of the level of education they choose. We need to focus on keeping tuition costs down, bringing down interest rates for student loans and providing affordable, high-quality higher education.”