Walczyk Continues to Uphold Constitutional Liberties

A statement from Assemblyman Mark Walczyk (R,C,I,Ref-Watertown) regarding the passage of more restrictive gun legislation in the Assembly

Assemblyman Mark Walczyk (R,C,I,Ref-Watertown) fought tirelessly against a further infringement on our Second Amendment rights. Assembly Bill 2686A creates penalties for anyone who fails to properly follow the strict firearm storage regulations set by the state.

“Today I watched many of my colleagues uphold the oath they swore to this office, others who didn’t,” said Walczyk. “By continuing to impose restrictions and regulations on those who already follow the law, they continue their degradation of the Second Amendment. Why are we punishing sportsmen and hunters? Something my colleagues tend to neglect is that it is our duty to protect the sanctity of the Constitution, which includes a guarantee of the right to bear arms. My vote will always be one to protect the Constitution.”