Walczyk Calls on Gov. to End Emergency Declaration

Assemblyman Mark Walczyk (Watertown) is calling on Gov. Cuomo to end the state’s emergency declaration effective Friday, June 19 to coincide with the Governor’s announcement today that Friday will be the end of his daily public briefings. Walczyk has previously joined efforts to call for the Governor’s extraordinary powers to come to an end, which he believes should also happen if the Governor is no longer providing daily, public state of emergency updates.

“As our state re-opens, we are grateful for the efforts of the Governor and his staff, but during this extraordinary time he has single-handedly changed hundreds of laws without the oversight or checks and balances our constitution intended,” said Walczyk. “I join New Yorkers across the state in celebrating the news that our collective efforts to flatten the curve and continued social distancing have brought us to a point where most of us are enjoying freedoms we had prior to this pandemic. There is no longer a need for the Governor’s daily briefings because this is no longer an emergency. Therefore, our state’s emergency declaration should be lifted, and it’s high-time the Governor’s extraordinary powers be removed.”

Walczyk also pointed to the recent reconvening of the state Legislature to address the protests and rioting related to the murder of George Floyd as evidence that the legislative process can resume its normal function to address any future needs related to the pandemic or other extraordinary events that may arise.

“Both houses were able to come together very quickly to negotiate, draft and pass historic legislation that made New York state one of the first in the nation to respond to that national crisis,” said Walczyk. “I think the time has come to get back to democratic process, and that means the Governor must give up the powers that were entrusted to him temporarily. He can’t only base his governing decisions on his television ratings.”