Statement from Assemblyman Walczyk: The Legislature Has Changed Nothing

“For weeks, myself and legislators on both sides of the aisle have been calling for a complete repeal of the Governor’s emergency powers. I, like you, was encouraged to read that the Majority leaders had come to an agreement on stripping the Governor of his powers. But boy, was I wrong. 

I sat down and read the bill, line by line, that the state Legislature took up today.I’m very disappointed. In fact, New York will be worse off.This legislation gives the Governor the power to decide when he wants his powers to expire.

This is not what New Yorkers want or deserve.This is nothing but smoke and mirrors. The Governor’s buddies are coving for him. Plain and simple.

Governor Cuomo’s polices lead to the death of thousands of seniors across the state, and instead of apologizing, he went out of his to cover it up. He is facing extremely serious allegations into his conduct.This legislation that was put before lawmakers doesn’t hold the Governor accountable and does absolutely nothing to prevent him from using his power to block any independent investigation into his actions.Simply put, nothing has or will change.

Representative Democracy is dependent on checks and balances and I implore the media, our 4th branch of government, to read the bill, assess its impact and report the truth in statute and practical implication thereof. The simple truth as I see it is the Governor's power is being extended, not revoked.

I remain firm in my call to really remove the Governor’s emergency powers, and not pass this ‘press release’ bill that the Majority leadership brought to the floor. Restoring checks and balances is the first step we need to take, and when presented with that opportunity again today, the Majority failed to do so.This needs to be done immediately.”