Statement from Assemblyman Walczyk: It’s Time to Be a Check on the Executive

It’s clear to just about every New Yorker that the Governor has become a distraction.His office publicly admitted to altering data that shows the real number of deaths in nursing homes that his policy caused.It's been revealed he ignored serious safety concerns about the Cuomo (formerly Tapanzee) Bridge just to meet his political timeline.In addition, five women have now come forward and are accusing him of serious misconduct.The Governor has lost the trust of the people. We can’t let him sweep all of this under the rug.

Despite all this, the Governor made it clear Sunday afternoon that he is not resigning and plans to draw this out.His contempt is a call for the Legislature to hold the executive accountable if he does not step down.This is the reason why my colleagues and I introduced a resolution today that would initiate Impeachment proceedings.

If the Governor continues to dig his heels in and does not do the right thing by resigning, then Assembly members and Senators need to help New York move on by impeaching the Governor.”