Walczyk: It’s About Time For Legislature To Take Action

A Statement from Assemblyman Mark Walczyk (R,C,I-Watertown) on the passage of three concurrent resolutions (C.214, C.215, and C.216) to end various executive orders

“It’s about time that the state Legislature take action to stop the runaway and limitless power exercised by the governor over the last year. This week’s votes to stop three specific executive orders, while overdue, are a welcome, bipartisan effort from Albany that taxpayers and businesses all across our state will cheer for. Because state lawmakers finally came together, there will no longer be a need to purchase ‘Cuomo Chips’ or other food with an alcoholic beverage, vaccinations will be easier to obtain, and anyone the governor recruits to volunteer during the pandemic will be held to the same standards and accountability as other public officers. It’s about time, and I certainly encourage my colleagues in the majorities to continue these efforts to restore true, independent legislative authority in order to protect the citizens of this state and their interests as we recover together.”