Assemblymember Frontus: Legislation Will Give New Yorkers with Disabilities Independence

“I’ve spent my career advocating for equality, from fighting discrimination to expanding support services. Everyone deserves equal opportunities. To ensure New Yorkers with disabilities are not left behind, I helped pass a series of measures supporting them and protecting their rights.

“The legislative package includes measures to help New Yorkers with disabilities and their families save for necessary expenses and stay in their homes so they can be near their loved ones (A.7473, A.2493). It also strengthens disability rights and re-establishes the Office of Advocate for People with Disabilities to ensure there’s a state-level agency prepared to assist and give them a strong voice (A.1092, A.3385-A, A.4737).

“Supporting New Yorkers with disabilities as they seek a higher education is also vital, which is why I helped pass a bill that would reauthorize the current law that requires publishers and manufacturers of printed instructional materials for college students to provide them in electronic formats and make them available for purchase for students with disabilities (A.7251). To further help New Yorkers with disabilities achieve independence, the legislation includes measures to simplify the voting process, combat discrimination during job searches and ensure they’re protected during emergency situations (A.163, A.7475, A.3923).

“The unique challenges New Yorkers with disabilities face should never impede their success, whether that’s getting a higher education or a job they’ve dreamed about since childhood. I’ll always fight to ensure the system works for them rather than against them.”