State Agencies Ordered to Freeze Spending

Assemblyman Matt Simpson (R,C-Horicon) comments on looming spending freeze

In response to looming budget deficits, New York state agencies have been directed to implement a spending freeze in their budget proposals for the upcoming fiscal year. The call to action comes as the state faces significant financial challenges in the years ahead. In a communication addressed to agency commissioners, New York state Budget Director Blake Washington stressed the importance of adhering to the spending limits outlined in this year's $229 billion budget.

“As we see state agencies ordered to freeze spending, it's abundantly clear we're facing the consequences of a bloated state budget and reckless spending practices. Albany will surely look to tax increases in the next legislative session as a solution, meaning the burden will fall squarely on the shoulders of the average taxpayer. This is all in the wake of an affordability crisis in the state, and it's the hard-working citizens who will ultimately be picking up the tab for Albany's dysfunction. It's time for a serious reevaluation of Albany’s priorities and a more responsible approach to managing our state's finances,” said Simpson.