Potential Elderwood Closure Sparks Renewed Call for Medicaid Rate Increase

Assemblyman Matt Simpson (R,C-Horicon) Raises Alarm over Elderwood Closure

Assemblyman Matt Simpson (R,C-Horicon) expressed deep concern today over the potential closure of the Elderwood Nursing Home facility in North Creek. Closure of the facility would result in a critical loss of access to essential health care services in the community, putting undue strain on families and caregivers.

“Elderwood has provided vital care to our seniors for years. The closure of this facility would not only disrupt the lives of its residents and staff but also jeopardize the health and well-being of our seniors,” Simpson said.

Simpson emphasized the urgent need for increased Medicaid reimbursement rates to stabilize the long-term care system and ensure continued access to quality care. Albany owes it to residents to provide financial assurance that they are being taken care of.“We have to make sure our priorities are in order this budget season. We cannot let our seniors be left behind while a growing number of funds go toward New York City’s sanctuary policies. It’s not fair,” he added.

The possibly closure of Elderwood highlights the broader challenges facing rural health care systems, where limited funding threatens the viability of essential services. As Elderwood’s closure demonstrates, the consequences can be devastating for both patients and caregivers alike.

Simpson called on state lawmakers to prioritize funding for rural health care and address the growing crisis facing nursing homes across New York. “We cannot afford to abandon our seniors,” he said. “It’s time to prioritize their care and ensure they receive the support they deserve.”