Miller: The Trains Aren’t the Only Things Breaking Down

A Statement from Assemblywoman Melissa Miller (R,C,Ref-Atlantic Beach) on the LIRR and MTA
January 29, 2018

“It seems the “Summer of Hell” has turned into the “Year of Hell” for LIRR commuters, and we are tired of the constant excuses from the MTA. The MTA has been canceling trains, changing services and shortening trains left and right. With an already limited and altered service schedule in place, this is causing more overcrowding and sometimes leaving passengers with no alternate routes to their destinations. I spoke with one constituent who said her train was suddenly canceled mid-route, leaving her stranded at Jamaica Station and unable to fit onto an already-packed subway car or the train going to Atlantic Terminal.

“Yes, the weather has been temperamental this winter, which is out of the MTA’s control, but it doesn’t excuse the lack of communication occurring between the MTA and the public. People have been left waiting on platforms in the freezing cold and waiting for trains which have been hours late, yet listed as only a few minutes behind on the MTA’s website. The cancelations, service changes and delays are bad enough, but providing incorrect information to passengers is simply unacceptable. Saying the communication issue is due to people not being in the same room to talk to one another is such an outrageous and outdated excuse. We live in a world where there is so much technology connecting us to each other it is hard not to stay in the loop. The MTA needs to put some serious work into improving its communication skills so it can provide its customers with up-to-date information in a timely manner on top of fixing all the service issues before the chaos worsens.”