Assembly Member Benedetto Delivers $75,000 to Enhance Rivers Run Community Garden in Co-op City

Bronx, NY – New York State Assembly Member Michael R. Benedetto (D-Bronx) announced today that he was able to secure a sizeable $75,000 grant to the Rivers Run Community Garden in Co-op City.The monies will go towards upkeep and improvements within the garden including new fencing, benches, walkways, plantings, landscaping, and other upkeep needs.

Rivers Run is Co-op City’s first riverfront green space and was developed by community-based organizations, including Building 13 Association, Inc., Riverbay Corporation, and the City of New York’s Green thumb program approximately eight years ago.The New York Botanical Garden is also an important institutional partner lending material support and guidance.

“My job in Albany is to be on the look-out for good programs to fund within my district,” said Assembly Member Benedetto. “Rivers Run is a wonderful community based organization that works with local residents to develop lots for planting vegetables and other activities. We need more community gardens throughout the Bronx and my district. I hope this funding will help preserve Rivers Run as a model for others to look toward.”

“Rivers Run is an incredible amenity for the Co-op City community,” said Leslie Peterson of the Building 13 Association, Inc. and Rivers Run. “We appreciate these funds that Assembly Member Benedetto has secured for us and we plan to use them to build on the good work we do.”

The grant funds are anticipated to be available to the community within the next few months.