Assemblymember Blake’s Statement in Celebration of Women's Equality Day

August 26, 2018

Today, we recognize Women's Equality Day, a day that commemorates when Congress passed the 19th Amendment and granted women the right to vote. Today marks the 86th anniversary that served as a culmination of the suffragists' longstanding struggle to bring equal representation and fairness to our democracy.

Equality is not just a women's issue, but, an imperative for all people in our society. We continue to fight to close the wage gap, push for universal maternity and paternity leave and protect the right for women to rule over their bodies.

I honor my mother and shero, Mama Hilary, who was the single most important female figure in my life. I recognize the women leaders in the Bronx such as my Chief of Staff Sabrina Philson and community leader Chantel Jackson. These women tirelessly work to shape the present and future state of our community.

We recognize all of the women trailblazers and their contributions as they continue to serve as trailblazers and lead in various sectors of our society. We need more women leaders to serve at the highest levels and have decision-making power in government, business, the military and other sectors. Women hold 20% of seats in Congress, serve as CEOs of twenty-four Fortune 500 businesses, own 39% of privately held businesses in the United States and make up 18% of the officer corps in the military.

Every day, we should salute the women who lead in our communities. Thank you for showing up, doing the work, continuing to lead with poise and grace, and playing the ongoing balancing act at work and at home while shaping our nation's future.

Assembly Member Michael Blake