Cuomo Signs Cusick Bill to Support Innovative Energy Generators

November 9, 2018

Staten Island – Legislation authored by Assemblymember Michael Cusick, D-Staten Island, that would incentivize the installation of clean, resilient, and local electrical generation facilities was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“It’s a good step forward for New Yorkers looking for reliable, affordable, and responsible solutions to energy production,” Cusick said.

The legislation, A9651, would provide the same property tax incentives currently available for other low-emission energy products including solar, wind, and farm waste systems to flexible-fuel linear generation systems. These systems, which can be used for local microgrids and backup, can take different types of fuel and convert them into electricity using technology that ensures near-zero carbon emissions.

Cusick said this technology has the potential to become an important tool for New Yorkers looking to design durable energy systems.“New York’s energy future will be heavily diversified,” Cusick said. “Technologies like this should have our full support so businesses and consumers have a broad range of clean technologies available to them to meet their energy needs.”

This program will run until 2025 when it will be considered for reauthorization.

“Our state is a global leader in the clean energy movement,” Cusick said. “We’ve set an ambitious goal of having 50 percent of New York’s energy coming from renewable resources by 2030. In order to meet that goal, we need solutions like this to enable a smooth but rapid transition.”