Funding for Nonpublic Schools Secured with Cusick Law Signed by Governor

November 9, 2018

Staten Island – Assemblymember Michael Cusick, D-Staten Island, lauded Governor Andrew Cuomo for signing into law legislation ensuring nonpublic schools are not shortchanged through the state’s education funding process.

Cusick, who carried the legislation (A9903) in the state Assembly, said this is a positive step forward for the nearly 500,000 students across the state attending nonpublic schools.

“Nonpublic schools are a critical support network for hundreds of thousands of students in New York,” Cusick said. “This legislation will prevent schools from losing out on funding they’ve already been allocated.”

Until recently, the state Education Department calculated school aid based on five to five and a half hour school days. Now, SED has begun calculating instructional time beyond the five and a half hour threshold without increasing the funding line to nonpublic schools. The result is a reduced reimbursement rate as the pie is divided by a greater amount of “instructional time.”

Cusick’s legislation would codify SED’s traditional formula in an effort to protect the funding nonpublic schools have come to rely on.

“No school should be penalized by adding instruction time over-and-above the five and a half hour cap,” Cusick said. “I’m proud to have advanced this common sense legislation and want to thank Governor Cuomo for recognizing the importance of this initiative.”