Gov. Cuomo Signs Assemblymember Cusick and Senator Funke Bill to Ease Access to Physicians for Traveling Sports Teams

January 3, 2019

Staten Island – Doctors who travel with out-of-state sports teams will no longer be barred from serving their team members when they come to New York thanks to new legislation, A7237/S4375, signed into law last week.

The legislation, carried by Assemblymember Michael Cusick, D-Mid Island, and Senator Rich Funke, R-Fairport, would allow doctors who are licensed and in good standing in another state or territory to practice medicine temporarily in New York, so long as they are serving members of their athletic team.

“This legislation will protect athletes who are accustomed to working with their own medical team, who know them best, and make it easier for sporting events to be held here in New York,” Cusick said.

Up until today, New York has been one of five states that do not recognize visiting team physicians. Under the new law, team doctors will be allowed to provide medical services five days prior and three days after each sporting event without a state license.

“I’m proud of this legislation, which lifts a burdensome restriction on sports teams entering New York to compete with our local athletes,” Senator Funke said. “Allowing team physicians qualified in other states to care for their athletes at scheduled games here will help bring more sporting events to New York by making scheduling a game with one of our schools more attractive to out of state competitors. I thank Assemblymember Cusick for his partnership on this important bill.”