Governor Signs Assemblyman DenDekker’s Tinted Window Bill

November 29, 2016

Governor Cuomo has signed into law a bill sponsored by Assemblyman DenDekker, which allows New York State to better enforce the existing window tinting regulations. The law adds the examination of tinted or shaded windows into the New York State Motor Vehicle Inspection, and states that window glass tinted darker than 27% light transmittance would not pass inspection.

“I am very pleased that Governor Cuomo has signed this bill into law, and I thank him for taking this step to protect New Yorkers,” said Assemblyman DenDekker (D-East Elmhurst). “This law is a simple matter of public safety. Windows that are tinted too darkly prevent drivers from being able to make eye contact with other drivers to understand their intent, and also hampers law enforcement officers’ ability to observe any potential illegal activity within a car. We have seen tragic fatalities, both intentional and accidental, as a result of tinted windows. This law will ensure that these dangerous vehicles cannot be on the streets of New York.”

Assemblyman DenDekker joined Mayor Bill de Blasio, Police Commissioner James O’Neill, and other law enforcement leaders last week to call on Governor Cuomo to sign this law and protect the lives of police officers in New York. Among those in attendance were Tanya Timoshenko and Sergeant Herman Yan, the mother and the former partner, respectively, of Detective Russel Timoshenko, who was killed after stopping a car with illegally tinted windows in 2007.

This law will go into effect on January 1, 2017.