Assembly Member DenDekker Introduces Bill to Protect Bike Lanes

April 8, 2019

New York State Assembly Member Michael DenDekker (D-Jackson Heights) recently introduced a bill that would establish a bicycle lane safety program which would protect bicyclists from cars and trucks illegally driving in bicycle lanes.

The bill, A6674, would create a pilot program of 50 bicycle lane cameras in select protected bike lanes throughout New York City which would photograph cars and trucks that drive into and/or park in the bicycle lane; the photographed cars and trucks would receive a ticket and fine by mail. These cameras would operate similarly to speed cameras in school zones and cameras in bus lanes.

Assembly Member DenDekker realized the need for better bicycle lane enforcement when a number of constituents filed complaints with his district office that many cars and trucks were illegally parking and driving in the protected bicycle lanes on Queens Boulevard in Woodside. The presence of cars and trucks in the bicycle lanes are forcing bicyclists into traffic and creating a vulnerable and dangerous situation for bicyclists.

“We must protect bicycles from reckless drivers,” Assembly Member DenDekker declared. “It is commendable that the New York City Department of Transportation has built, and is continuing to build, these wonderful bicycle lanes, but we must ensure that enforcement of traffic laws keeps cars and trucks out of those bicycle lanes and allows bicyclists to travel in bicycle lanes safely.”