Don’t Judge a Politician by His Tie: Montesano Pushes for Increased Funding in New York State Libraries

February 22, 2018

Assemblyman Michael Montesano (R,C,Ref-Glen Head) is pleased to announce his support to increase funding for New York State’s libraries. Despite an increase in library construction grants in 2017, libraries are still behind in being able to provide sufficient services to New Yorkers.

“Libraries are more than just homes for books, they provide so much more to their communities,” said Montesano. “They offer access to things such as financial, technology, job, consumer health, start-up businesses and education training to residents. Based off of recent census data, this year Library Aid should be at $102.6 million. Instead it is at $91.6 million, a number more appropriate for 2000. I am proud to be supporting the request for increased funding for libraries in New York, as there is a lack of balance between funding for education institutions and libraries, both of which are important to communities. These facilities are used by New Yorkers of all ages and should receive adequate funds for the people they serve.”