As New York City Prepares To Allow Non-Citizen Voting, Assembly Minority Members Introduce Measure To Protect Elections

Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay (R,C,I-Pulaski) today announced that legislation has been introduced to preserve the integrity of elections in New York state and ensure voting is available to citizens of the U.S. Next week, the New York City Council will consider a bill to enable non-citizens living in the city to participate in local elections. If approved, the legislation would allow approximately 800,000 citizens of other nations to cast ballots for mayor, city council, and other positions within New York City government.

“First, New York City members removed Thomas Jefferson’s statue from City Hall, now they’re ready to tear down the basic principles of the Democracy he helped build. Our elections exist to allow citizens of all backgrounds and beliefs to choose their representatives. The notion that nearly 1 million citizens of other nations should now be extended that same privilege is more offensive lunacy from the radical left,” said Leader Barclay. “I vehemently oppose any attempts to undermine the basic standards that protect our electoral process and applaud Assemblyman Mike Reilly for his efforts to stop this measure in its tracks. A 30-day residency doesn’t equate to U.S. citizenship and is a far cry from the common-sense criteria that allows an individual to participate in any election.

Legislation introduced today by Assemblyman Mike Reilly (R-Staten Island) would prohibit any municipality in New York State from changing local voting requirements in a manner that supersedes state Election Law.A draft of the bill is available here.

“Allowing more than 800,000 non-citizens to participate in electing the leaders of America’s largest city not only threatens the integrity of our elections, but also sets a dangerous precedent that challenges the concept of citizenship, as well as the rights and responsibilities afforded to citizens of the United States of America,” said Assemblyman Reilly.“I am introducing this legislation today to prevent local governments, like the City of New York, from subverting our federal and state constitutions in what can only be described as a blatant, partisan power grab that, quite frankly, is unconstitutional.”