Assemblywoman Solages Supports Student Scholarship for STEM Incentive Program

Assemblywoman Solages seeks to retain New York’s best and brightest students through newly launched science and technology scholarship

Elmont, New York – New York State Assemblywoman Michaelle C. Solages (D-Elmont) supports the newly launched New York State Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Incentive Program. The NYS STEM Incentive Program is designed to attract New York State’s brightest students who are entering college and encourage them to pursue high demand occupations within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics field in New York State.

“Our community colleges play an integral role in providing quality higher education and job training,” said Assemblywoman Solages. “We must make sure that community colleges continue to be an affordable option for many students.” New York State recognizes that STEM fields are currently among the fastest growing careers.

The 2014-15 budget includes $8 million in funding for a new STEM scholarship program. The STEM Incentive program is a scholarship that will be awarded to graduating New York High School students who are in the top 10% of their class and choose a STEM major. Students must enroll in a SUNY or CUNY school and agree to work within the STEM field in New York State for five years post-graduation. Assemblywoman Solages said, “I am determined to build on programs such as the STEM Incentive Program as a way to help drive our most ambitious students towards these high-tech careers.”

The launch of this scholarship program will assist high school students who have an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics pursue a career and work towards bettering the State’s economy and future. Assemblywoman Solages explained, “As a strong advocate of education, I fully support New York maximizing on the talent of our brightest students by not only providing them with the tools to equally compete academically but to retain that talent and build on the future of New York.” Assemblywoman Solages encourages all eligible students to apply. For more information visit: