2019 Constituent Questionnaire

December 27, 2018

There are two ways to submit your survey: You can return the survey by mail to our district office located at the following address: Assemblywoman Michaelle C. Solages, 1690 Central Court, Valley Stream, NY 11580, or you may also fill out the survey online below.

As your elected official, I want to gauge your priorities and advocate for the issues that matter most to our communities. To that end, I send out this annual survey for a chance to get more acquainted with your concerns.

Whether it's a comment on Facebook, a phone call, or filling out this survey, I pay attention to all of your input as I work to approve legislation in Albany. It is a pleasure to serve the constituents of the Twenty-second Assembly District and I look forward to a productive legislative session next year.

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What are the most important issues facing you and your family? (Check all that apply.)

Controlled safe injection sites have been proposed as a method of preventing deaths from overdoses. Would you support safe injection sites that allow supervised drug use?

Several States have legalized Physician-assisted dying: the ability for a mentally competent, terminally ill patient to ingest medications to bring about their death. Do you support the legalization of Physician- Assisted Suicide in New York State?

Vacation rental websites, such as Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO, are online marketplaces that enable home-sharing. Provided that they are required to pay all related taxes and are compliant with current building codes, would you support these types of businesses in New York?

Would you support a ban on the sale of flavored e-cigarettes?

The burden of student loan debt has a profound impact on the economy and not only impacts the financial decisions of the student borrowers but also the parents and guardians who may assist in financing higher education. Which, if any, of the following do you believe would be the most beneficial in addressing the student loan crisis? (Check all that apply.)

Currently, New York has a medical marijuana program in place; however it has not legalized marijuana for recreational use. To date, seven states, including neighboring Massachusetts, have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Do you support the full legalization of marijuana in New York?

If marijuana was legalized for recreational use, would you be supportive of the expungement of certain marijuana drug charges from criminal records?

Would you support allowing sports gambling/betting in New York State?

Following several traffic accidents, Nassau County is seeking to implement an opt-in speed camera enforcement program. Do you support legislation that would authorize Nassau County to install speed cameras in school zones?

Would you support legislation to allow alcohol to be sold in movie theaters?

Increasing civic engagement and voter turnout has become a frequently discussed topic. Do you support the following voting reforms?
Early voting (Designated days for individuals to vote prior to Election Day)

Do you support legislation that would allow schools to opt out of their role as polling places?

Should Election Day be made a State Holiday?

Would you allow school security officers to carry a firearm if the officer is a former law enforcement officer, has met enhanced training requirements, and is authorized by the local school board?

Do you support social media and search history background checks for pistol permit applications and renewals?

A bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driverís licenses, has been introduced to the Assembly. Do you support legislation extending driving privileges to undocumented immigrants which would require individuals to take driverís tests, properly register with the stateís motor vehicle agency and obtain auto insurance if they own a vehicle?

The unfortunate reality of the heroin epidemic is that many of us have been touched by it in some shape or form. What obstacles do you see in prevention, treatment, and recovery? What, if any, thoughts do you have on how we can be more effective in battling this growing problem?
Please share any thoughts that you may have on the issues affecting you, your community, or our state as a whole.
Which type of forum would you most likely attend? (Check all that apply.)

Which days are you most likely to attend a community meeting? (Check all that apply.)

Do you have any additional thoughts or concerns? Please add additional comments here.