Assemblywoman Solages Issues Statement Regarding State’s Approval of the Belmont Park Project


Elmont, NY Assemblymember Michaelle C. Solages made the following statement after the Board of Directors for the New York State Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) voted to approve the acquisition of the Belmont Park property for the Belmont Park Redevelopment Civic and Land Use Improvement Project (“Belmont Redevelopment Project”):

“Belmont Park is a historic landmark that represents hundreds of acres of economic opportunity for Long Island. It has been my mission to ensure that our local residents are treated, not just as consumers, but as stakeholders.

Although this part of the process is coming to an end, we still have to ensure the many issues in the Final Environmental Impact Study are addressed and that the benefits promised to the local area are realized. I have been consistent in saying that while my constituents and I support the development of underutilized portions of Belmont Park, it is clear that the community wanted ESDC to be fair, transparent and open to homeowner concerns during the process.

I am proud of our community for being active and present throughout the whole process. Any benefits that we receive due to this project are a result of the hard work residents put in to collaborate with elected officials to organize and make their opinions heard. It is incumbent upon us to remain engaged as we work to hold ESDC and the developers accountable, and I will stand with my neighbors every step of the way.”

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