Assemblywoman Solages' and Senator Parker’s Statement on the NCAA Announcement to Allow Student Athletes to Profit from their Name and Likeness

Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages and State Senator Kevin Parker and released the following statement after the National Collegiate Athletic Association announced that it would begin deliberations to permit college athletes to profit from their names, images and likeness:

“Today, we stand with student athletes, former student athletes, their families and legislators to applaud the NCAA for taking a first step in the right direction for our student athletes. Many athletes, some of whom would have never attended college except for their athletic prowess, come from traditionally marginalized Black and Brown communities where paying rent and finding a meal to feed your family is a day-to-day concern. The opportunity to afford basic life expenses outside of what scholarships and other athletic grants and stipends provide will be a game changer for many college athletes and their families. It is our hope that the NCAA will cut a fair deal that includes savings plans for students, as well as a fund for injured student-athletes as our bill in New York directs. We will continue to advocate for our legislation in New York until the NCAA agrees on a fair plan to compensate student athletes.

We want to thank California Governor Gavin Newsom for being a leader on the issue of “fair pay to play” as now our voices have been heard and the NCAA will make the necessary changes to ensure students are receiving a fair share of the income generated by their God given talents. We must continue to advocate for economic justice for our students, student athletes, and for anyone who has consistently been deprived.”