Malliotakis, Colleagues Seek Increased Bus Service Connecting Brooklyn & Staten Island

December 1, 2017

Today, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I-Bay Ridge) and colleagues from both sides of the Verrazano Bridge wrote to the MTA urging additional buses be added to the S79 bus route during rush hours. The bus line runs between Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and the Staten Island Mall, but has an insufficient number of buses on the route during peak hours leading to long lines and wait times at the stops before going over the Verrazano Bridge. In their letter, the elected officials suggested adding buses to the route to shorten the length of the trip for passengers and incentivize more residents to trust the transit system.

"Increasing the number of buses will shorten the length of the trip for passengers and encourage more people to utilize public transportation as their means of commuting. The S79 is a Select Bus Service Route, so clearly we want the bus to be utilized as much as possible to ease congestion on Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island. Less wait time will also appeal to those seeking to avoid the bridge toll and dense city traffic," the letter reads.