Malliotakis Questions de Blasio on Property Taxes, Launches Petition

February 5, 2018

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis held Mayor de Blasio’s feet to the fire as he testified today before the Joint Senate and Assembly Finance Committee. She has also launched a petition calling for the immediate establishment of a property tax reform commission.

de Blasio pledged to convene a property tax commission to address the inequalities of the current system. Malliotakis has repeatedly pointed out how the City Council district she resides in has the highest effective tax rate in the City at 1.05%, while Mayor de Blasio’s Council district pays the least at 0.33%. This is why Malliotakis’ 2017 property tax bill on her $559,000 Staten Island home was $5,485 while Mayor de Blasio paid $3,581 in property taxes on his $1,688,000 home in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

“It’s critical for the families in our community that the Mayor make good on his promise of establishing a property tax commission to develop a more equitable system that shares the property tax burden more fairly. In the meantime, he should freeze or, at a minimum, cap the property tax levy. The levy, which the Mayor and City Council set, has increased nearly 38% over the past four years. This translates to an additional $7 billion City Hall is seeking from taxpayers. It’s unsustainable and it’s driving middle-class families out of our city.”

Watch Assemblywoman Malliotakis’ exchange with Mayor de Blasio at today’s budget hearing here: