Assemblyman Burke: Let Local Brewers and Distillers Concentrate on Their Work, Not Paperwork

June 18, 2019

Assemblyman Pat Burke (D-Buffalo) announced that he sponsored and helped pass legislation that would allow breweries and distilleries in New York to file tax returns electronically (A.6642).

“There’s nothing better while watching the Bills play than enjoying a local craft beverage,” Burke said. “However, requiring brewers and distillers across the state to file excise taxes by mail, rather than electronically, interferes with their ability to do what they do best – making quality beverages that Bills fans, and everyone else, can enjoy. This legislation cuts red tape and saves local businesses time, money and effort.”

Burke’s legislation would ease the process of filing taxes for brewers and distillers by allowing them to electronically file tax returns. Current state law mandates the collection of excise taxes for alcoholic products produced but does not allow producers to file electronically, instead requiring them to fill out and mail in physical forms. Since brewers and distillers already keep electronic records, allowing them to file taxes online not only reduces the chance for potential errors, but saves these local businesses a tremendous amount of time, Burke noted.