Press Releases

Capitol Reception, REDC Awards, Albany Schools Transportation

Happy Thanksgiving, HEAP Applications Open, New SUNY Partnership

Kicking off Back to School, Big Win for Electric Buses, New Albany Police Chief

Constituent Survey, Opinion Piece on the NYS Justice Center, New Commission on Prosecutorial Misconduct

Local News Crisis, Federal Emissions Standards, Enviro Score Cards Out

More Bad News at the Federal Level Ė Separation Policy, Supreme Court & More

Wrapping up 2018 Session

End of Session Nears

Push for Jacobe's Law, Assembly Passes LEAD Bill, Rail Trail Expands

Reflecting on Memorial Day

Underwood Voted in as AG, Wadsworth Labs, LEAD Funding Push

Another Tumultuous Week at the Capitol, Run, Bike & Hike

Child Victims Act, Gun Reforms, Joining Susan Arbetter & Solomon Syed on Plastic Bags

Assembly Passes Bills to Protect Environment; Crime Victims, Upcoming Summit on Capital Region Trails

Happy Earth Day, Assembly Votes for Equal Pay, to Close LLC Loophole

What Didnít Make the Budget, New Albany Urban Orchard

Budget Updates, MLK Job Fair, Lyme Disease Event

Budget Passes, Tesla Pushes to Expand Upstate, Excelsior Scholarship Apps Open

Assembly One House Budget: Education, Transit and Health Labs

Key Gun Bills Pass Assembly, Budget One-House Bills, Electric Vehicles, New Skyway Park Funding