Steck Welcomes the Addition of JetBlue to Albany International Airport in 2015

The Capital Region received good news when JetBlue Airways announced it will be coming to Albany International Airport by the end of next year. Assemblymember Steck (D-Colonie) joined in their excitement as the airline will make more flights and destinations available to the community.

“Albany featuring another airline will increase the traffic at the airport and should drive down the price for an average flight,” said Assemblymember Steck. “More travelers utilizing the airport will be good for the community and the increased travel will benefit businesses around the airport, and throughout the area.”

Details are not yet finalized on the arrangement, but the airline should be operating out of Albany at some point in 2015 and plans to offer service to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. JetBlue has a strong presence in upstate New York and currently flies out of Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester among others.

“A vibrant airport with outstanding air service is essential to create a gateway for new industries, increase employment and allow out business leaders and families to travel across the nation and around the world,” said John O’Donnell, CEO of the Albany County Airport Authority. “I look forward to working with JetBlue and foresee a bright future ahead in serving the Capital Region.”

The area surrounding the airport has been in need of a new configuration of Exit-4 off of I-87, something Steck has been a vocal advocate of, and the arrival of JetBlue could help bring attention to securing funding to do the necessary construction.

“With Phase 1 of construction set to begin this summer, I hope this news will ensure that Phase 2 will be a reality,” Assemblymember Steck said. “The Capital Region is quickly becoming a hub for technology, nanoscale science and advanced manufacturing, and it’s important that we improve our infrastructure to keep up with this growth and development.”