Prevent Crude Oil Train Disasters!

The Capital District has become a major transit point for volatile Bakken crude oil shipped by rail from North Dakota. In recent years, we’ve witnessed catastrophic disasters across the United States and Canada. We must take action to prevent these disasters BEFORE they occur!

This is why I’ve continued to be a vocal proponent of STABILIZING Bakken crude oil BEFORE it is shipped through our communities. Stabilizing crude oil separates the volatile natural gas liquids (NGLs) from the crude, making the oil safer to handle and transport. Oil producers in Texas have already been efficiently stabilizing crude oil for over 20 years and North Dakota’s oil producers should follow suit.

Please join me in calling on the US Department of Transportation, the US Department of Energy, the North Dakota Industrial Commission (NDIC), and all responsible parties, to STABILIZE Bakken crude oil BEFORE a preventable catastrophic disaster occurs in our community!

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