Assemblymember Steck: Extender is Not Ideal, But Necessary

“There are several obstacles to reaching a budget agreement that are often overlooked. When the Governor announces new programs without a mechanism for funding them, it makes getting a real budget that is not a publicity document very difficult. When the Senate is beset with internal divisions, that makes getting a budget equally difficult.”

“Nevertheless, at several points over the last week, it has looked like we were close to reaching an agreement on a final budget. Unfortunately, the obstacles prevented a consensus from being achieved. While it’s not ideal, passing this extender is critically important to ensure our government continues to function while these negotiations continue.

“This goes beyond politics. Teachers need to continue getting paid, hospitals need to stay open and police officers need to be able to continue serving their communities. Many in our community work in state government and they and their families rely on that income. We cannot stand between them and their financial security.

“This budget extender is not the end, negotiations must continue, and we are not done working for what matters most. I will continue working to bring more money to schools, address our need for safe water and sewer infrastructure, and to invest in our economy so that it works for all New Yorkers and not just those at the top.”