Assemblymember Steck’s Bill Helps Donors Choose Charities Wisely

Assemblymember Phil Steck (D-Colonie) announced that his bill requiring fundraisers to inform potential donors of information on charities available from the state attorney general passed the Assembly (A.2688-A).

“When New Yorkers are solicited for donations, they have the right to know where their money is going,” said Steck. “Requiring fundraisers to share where donors can get unbiased information about the charity will help prevent people from giving money to organizations that aren’t really doing what they say they are.”

Each year, New Yorkers receive millions of solicitations for donations to charities. In 2013, New Yorkers gave $17.2 billion to charitable organizations, making the state second only to California for rates of giving.1 Most of these are legitimate charities that use the money raised for their worthy work, but some, unfortunately, either funnel much of the money back to overhead and salaries or are outright dishonest, noted Steck.

The attorney general’s website has resources available to help donors make informed decisions about organizations asking for money. Steck’s legislation requires fundraisers to share the website as well as a telephone number for the Charities Bureau of the attorney general’s office.

The attorney general’s report and other information on charitable giving can be found at or by phone at 212-416-8401.