Assemblymember Steck on Cuomo’s Budget Address

“The governor’s budget address highlighted some of the challenges facing our community and our state. As we are faced with the uncertainty of the federal administration’s devastating tax plan, I was encouraged to see that an effort is being made to offset the burden that is being placed on the backs of New Yorkers from all walks of life.

“New York has always been a state that has subsidized poorer states in our nation. We accepted that as Americans. However, for the federal government to exacerbate the situation is wrong. New York pays $48 billion more to the federal government than it receives. New York collects $58 billion in property taxes. If we had that money back, our property tax would be far lower. Furthermore, other states like Texas export their tax burden to New York. We have to pay an excise tax to bring Texas oil to New York. At the same time, New York does not export its tax burden to other states. The Governor is correct that we need to equalize this disparity by making changes in our tax code.

“The governor also discussed some important policies being included in the budget, such as an increase in salaries for direct care workers, who work tirelessly to care for so many of our family members, friends and neighbors in need. Many of my constituents work in this field or have family members who benefit from the work done by direct care workers. I was also encouraged to see that we are continuing income tax relief for middle-class New Yorkers. I am pleased to see that we are being pro-active and am looking forward to more proposals that can improve the economy of our state.