Assemblymember Steck on the Separation of Undocumented Children from Their Parents

"There is a long history of societies who allowed their leaders to commit heinous acts all because it was presented as an act of patriotism, nationalism or religion. Sadly, we find ourselves in exactly that moment. How is it a patriotic act to separate children from their parents? Because I assure you, it is not. It is an inhumane act disguised as patriotism. This act undermines our nation in the eyes of the entire world and puts our security at risk. Other countries may rightfully think: if America can treat children so cruelly, what else is it willing to do?

“The United States, which throughout its storied history has been seen as an ethical beacon of hope for the world, is now viewed very differently under Trump. This is a watershed moment as to what kind of nation we want to be: a just society or a mean and nasty one."