Assemblymember Steck: Supreme Court Decision Hurts Workers

“The Supreme Court’s ruling in Janus v. AFSCME is another assault on the rights of workers, on organized labor, and on the middle class. Unions play a key role in fighting for both members and nonmembers by advocating for better pay and benefits, safer working conditions, and many more crucial workplace protections. This decision not only weakens worker’s rights but further neglects the important role unions play by raising the aggregate level of wages in this country. Stable middle class wages increase the purchasing power that drives our economy forward.

“It’s clear that the Supreme Court is legislating with a political agenda in mind. This is not about law. It’s about antiunion right-wing politics continuing a longstanding concerted effort to attack the rights of workers to organize. At a time where there is rampant income inequality, this decision only further exacerbates the problem.”