Statement by Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried Regarding Nursing Home Data and Policies

“Wednesday’s discussion between legislators and the Executive covered a wide range of nursing home issues, including those now reported in the media. It is important to understand the real numbers of nursing home deaths, to assess New York’s current situation and response, better prevent future tragedies and give closure and peace through truth to the families who lost loved ones.

Attorney General James’ recent report shined a bright light on the true nursing home death toll, and it identified concrete steps that must be taken to make our nursing homes safer during COVID and after:

  • increased staffing;
  • laws ensuring that nursing home operators spend their funds on patient care, not profits and administrative waste;
  • better oversight through inspections and higher fines for violations; and
  • preventing the granting of virtually unlimited legal immunity to institutions responsible for caring for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, even during a pandemic. 

The Assembly Health Committee has and will continue to advance proposals in these areas that I look forward to enacting into law.