Governor Cuomo: Fully Fund our Public Schools!

March 3, 2017

Foundation Aid

  • Foundation Aid is the formula used to determine funding for school districts after the NYS Court of Appeals ruling in 2006, which found that New York State was violating students constitutional right to a “sound and basic education” by leaving schools without the funding necessary. Foundation Aid accounts for Teachers, Para-Professionals, Principals, and other operating expenses associated with running our schools. In accordance with the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, New York City is actually owed roughly $9B in Foundation Aid in the upcoming FY 2017/2018 budget.
  • Governor Cuomo is only allocating $7.3B in Foundation Aid for New York City Schools, which means, we will be shorted $1.7B in critical Foundation Aid. Further, Governor Cuomo is seeking to repeal the Foundation Aid formula and turn back the clock on funding our public schools.
  • Foundation Aid was designed to create an equitable district by district funding structure so that all of our children are able to receive a sound and basic education. In his attempt to repeal the foundation aid formula from Education Law, the Governor will exacerbate the inequities in districts across our city and I, along with Speaker Heastie and my Majority Colleagues will fight to make sure that New York City Schools get the Foundation Aid to which we are entitled.
  • I urge you to sign this petition and call the Governor at 518-474-8390 and tell him to fully fund our New York City Public Schools.

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