Assembly Member Robert Rodriguez Strongly Urges Governor Cuomo to Include Move NY Fair Plan in Next State of the State Address

August 9, 2017

As Governor Cuomo grapples with ongoing traffic congestion, subway delays and an overall decaying mass transit infrastructure, Assembly Member Robert Rodriguez today called upon the Governor to consider including the Move NY plan in his next State of the State address.

“Governor Cuomo recognizes the severity of the challenges facing everyday New Yorkers and I applaud him for seeking alternative solutions to our increasing transit gridlock. Both above and below ground, everyday New Yorkers are forced to navigate an overburdened transit system. As he considers solutions to traffic congestion, I encourage the Governor to consider the Move NY (A9633B/S8089) proposal as an alternative source of revenue for the MTA.”

In essence, Move NY would charge a toll on Manhattan’s four East River bridges in addition to vehicles crossing 60th Street in Manhattan, while reducing congestion. In addition, Move NY seeks to reduce congestion primarily in Manhattan and various parts of the City.

“The MTA should use the funding procured by Move NY Fair Plan,” said Assembly Member Rodriguez. “By using equitable tolling on all crossings and for those who drive into the center of Manhattan, Move NY is slated to generate $1.35 billion annually. The MTA could use the revenue to upgrade its infrastructure, replace their signaling and communications systems and generally improve subway and bus service throughout New York City without raising fares on those who depend on the system the most and can afford it the least.”