Assembly Member Robert J. Rodriguez Statement on MTA Board Meeting – 2nd Avenue Subway Extension

The Second Avenue subway extension is necessary to remedy the decades-long lack of equitable transit access for the East Harlem community, particularly the folks who live along the First Avenue corridor. We must ensure that the community’s concerns expressed during the earlier public review process continue to be applied to any MTA decision-making. Any cuts or delays to the MTA Capital plan, that likely will not incorporate the subway extension, is a failure to the residents of East Harlem.

As the current fiscal crisis complicates any solution for the MTA, I strongly support federal aid to keep the system alive for New Yorkers. Federal fiscal aid to cities and states like New York, must be massive and immediate. I am hopeful the final solution will be representative of what I have been advocating for these past years: more effective and efficient service, and equitable access to the underserved East Harlem community.