“Egregiously Unconstitutional Defiance of the Supreme Court”

Assemblyman Robert Smullen (R,C,I,SAM-Meco) reacts to Gov. Hochul's gun control package

"This is the SAFE Act version 3.0 – an abomination I have fought to have apply only to New York City.

"The Supreme Court ruling was very clear. State laws do not supersede Supreme Court rulings. I am fully confident that this will be litigated immediately and overturned.

“New Yorkers have a Constitutional right to concealed carry outside their home for self-defense, yet Gov. Hochul and downstate politicians have trampled all over that.

“Limiting where concealed carry holders can exercise their Second Amendment rights flies directly in the face of the SCOTUS decision and limits one’s ability to protect themselves – a very serious concern in a state flooded with crime thanks to Majority lawmakers and their cashless bail laws.

“Certainly, we are all supportive of reducing gun violence and crime of any degree, but when nearly every place in the state is a ‘sensitive area’, then nowhere is a sensitive area and criminals don’t obey signs and laws, that’s what makes them criminals.

“It’s not just firearm owners who should be disturbed by this law – it’s any patriotic American who believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

**Editor’s Note: CLICK HERE to Watch Assemblyman Smullen’s Floor Speech Defending the Second Amendment (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1adF7hAzUKBYU1T8-C5Z6LlGtYRl9lDdi/view)