Smullen Co-Sponsors Proposal to Support Our Veterans

Assemblyman Robert Smullen (R,C-Mohawk Valley and the Adirondacks) is proud to be a co-sponsor on a proposal that supports veterans in New York state. The proposal, known as Assembly Bill A.6992-A, is moving forward having now been voted out of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee so it can make its way to the Assembly Chamber Floor for debate and voting. Smullen is working hard to support New York veterans by supporting proposals like this, which requires the Department of Veterans’ Services to provide legal support to veterans who want to change their ‘discharged’ status to ‘honorable,’ including persons dishonorably or administratively discharged from the armed services due to their sexual orientation.

“To suggest the brave individuals who served our state and nation in the past do not deserve an honorable discharge due to their sexual orientation is unacceptable,” said Smullen. “Military personnel sacrifice so much during their service, risking their lives overseas in some of the most austere places imaginable to defend our inherent liberties, freedoms and rights. Supporting this proposal will ensure that anyone who has served in our military is able to be honorably discharged at the conclusion of their service, regardless of their sexual orientation. Thank you to our active troops and veterans—we will be working hard in New York state to protect your rights and do everything we can to support you when you return home.”

Editor’s Note: To read more about Assembly Bill A.6992-A, please click here.