Smullen Celebrates 16th Annual Venison for Veterans & Seniors of Fulton and Montgomery Counties

Assemblyman Robert Smullen (R,C-Mohawk Valley and the Adirondacks) helped organize and participated in the 16th Annual Venison for Veterans & Seniors of Fulton and Montgomery Counties yesterday. This is a yearly volunteer event, organized by local hunters, in partnership with assemblymembers, the Fulton and Montgomery counties’ Offices for the Aging, the Fulton and Montgomery counties’ Sheriffs’ Offices and local community groups looking to help support veterans and seniors in need.

“I was amazed to see an even greater turnout at this year’s Venison for Veterans & Seniors event,” said Smullen. “It’s incredible to see such generosity and compassion from local leaders and members of our upstate communities come together to support our veterans and seniors facing food insecurity.”

In the weeks leading up to the event, veterans and seniors were encouraged to call Andrea Fettinger of the Fulton County Office of the Aging at (518) 736-5650 or David Jordan of the Montgomery County Office of the Aging at (518) 843-2300 to leave their name, address, ZIP code and telephone number to have venison, fish and other wild game delivered to them. At the event yesterday, volunteers assisted in packing, loading and delivering venison and wild game to everyone who participated. The large turnout at this year’s event kept everything moving smoothly and ensured all donations were quickly delivered to those in need.

“Thank you to Tom Georgia of Tribes Hill and Don Wicksell of Kingsboro Lumber Company for partnering with us and keeping the donated venison frozen leading up to our event yesterday,” Smullen continued. “Thank you to Andrea Fettinger and David Jordan of the Fulton County Office and Montgomery Office for the Aging, respectively, for signing up veterans and seniors for venison/game delivery. Thank you to Assemblyman Matthew Simpson (R,C-Horicon) and Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C-Schoharie) for participating in our event. And, thank you to Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino and Montgomery County Sheriff Jeff Smith for helping organize volunteer groups and distribute the venison to those in need.”

“Venison for Veterans & Seniors is truly remarkable, bringing our community together year after year to help support our veterans and seniors. I can’t wait to see this community effort continue to expand and grow in the years to come,” concluded Smullen.