Single-Payer Health Care: Higher Taxes, Lower Quality Care

A Statement from Assemblyman Robert Smullen (R,C,Ref-Meco) regarding healthcare solutions in New York

“Coinciding with a Health Committee Budget Hearing today, the idea of introducing a single-payer health care system was suggested as a solution to fix our healthcare woes. To put it simply, this is a reckless idea. This would take away New Yorkers’ freedom to choose a plan that suits them best and creates a system that ultimately forces doctors and health professionals to answer to Albany bureaucrats. Additionally, the fiscal burden of the program would be forced onto taxpayers, who could see taxes increase up to $1,600 a month—over $18,000 annually.

What we can do is take current wasted state revenues from failed programs to finance a system that creates personal healthcare accounts for New Yorkers and lower the costs of services to enable them to keep their preferred health care plan in a competitive marketplace.

Instead of upending the current system, we should look to change it, especially in rural areas and places that lack the proper health services. By allowing doctors and physicians to make their own expert decisions, we can reduce costs of service and provide the highest quality health care our state can offer.”