Smullen: Local Municipalities Deserve All the Help We Can Offer

As municipal leaders and highway officials throughout the state traveled to Albany to voice their concerns over infrastructure funding, Assemblyman Robert Smullen (R,C,Ref-Meco) and his colleagues assured them that the Assembly Minority conference stood in unity with them. Colonel Smullen echoed their calls to increase CHIPS funding and create a long-term sustainable financial plan to ensure our roads and bridges remain up to standard.

“Going about our day to day lives we often take for granted all the time and hard work that goes into maintaining our roads and bridges,” said Smullen. “We forget the legions of professionals behind the scenes making sure our commute to work, taking the kids to school or a trip to the store is safe and sound every time. It is our job to give these people the funding they need to ensure that our communities remain safe. Long term strategies create long term benefits, it is as simple as that.”