Keep The American Legion Funds In The Final Budget: A Simple Request That Goes a Long Way

As the American Legion celebrates its 100th anniversary, Assemblyman Robert Smullen (R,C,Ref-Meco) joined his colleagues in sending a letter to the governor and legislative leaders urging them to renew the $150,000 used to finance the Boys State program. Colonel Smullen is asking the leadership to include this in the final budget.

“These men and women have given so much already, yet they continue to give back to their communities by hosting this program,” said Smullen. “As a veteran myself, I believe programs such as Boys State are important for teaching our youth about citizenship, leadership, and how to build character. Their request is simple, so the least we can do is provide them with what they need.”

The Boys State program teaches high school seniors how to become good citizens and community leaders over a week-long program that includes government officials and active and retired members of the U.S. military. The event is held at SUNY Morrisville’s campus, and the funds alleviate the costs the college has to pay to host the program and ensures they don’t have to make any budget cuts to their own educational programs.