Smullen Joins Colleagues to Stand Up For Volunteer Firefighters

Assemblyman Robert Smullen (R,C,Ref-Meco) joined his colleagues on Monday, May 20, to announce a bill that ensures our volunteer firefighters are treated properly. The bill, A.7655, would provide a state income tax exemption for active volunteer firefighters and emergency service providers. By providing tax exemptions for those who give so much to our communities, volunteers will be at liberty to use the money to support local businesses and strengthen their communities.

“Providing a state income tax exemption for volunteers is a true step in the right direction,” said Smullen. “When we’re putting money back in the pockets of those who earn it, we are really putting that money back into our communities and local businesses. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a tax exemption than those who voluntarily protect our livelihoods.”

To be eligible, a volunteer must be in good standing with their respective organizations, have completed a minimum of one year of service, have fully completed all state mandated training courses, be certified by the chief emergency service coordinator of their county and have attended at least 55% of annual calls.