Smullen Joins Commission on Rural Resources to Make Progress on Access to Rural Broadband

Continuing his commitment to focus on important economic development issues, Assemblyman Robert Smullen (R,C,Ref-Meco) today participated in a joint Senate and Assembly Hearing on the status of rural broadband service in New York state. Smullen issued the following statement on the hearing.

“Affordable and reliable internet service is essential in today’s economy, and our children need it to grow and learn. While New York has made progress on improving rural broadband access over the past five years, there are still pockets of isolation. Many areas are being left behind, and this is the number one technology issue that I hear about from citizens and local government representatives.

“Doing everything we can to maintain and attract jobs, particularly in the upstate region, must be a top priority at all levels of state government. Improved high-speed broadband deployment and access is an absolutely critical part of that effort. We must accelerate our actions to ensure our citizens are connected to the 21st Century with high-speed broadband service.”