Smullen Joins Homeland Security, Colleagues to Ask For Green Light Compromise

Assemblyman Robert Smullen (R,C,Ref-Meco) today continued his support of law enforcement in response to the Green Light Law’s restrictive provisions. The Green Light Law, which went into effect on January 1, granted undocumented immigrants access to driver’s licenses and denied federal immigration officials access to state DMV records. The law has been met with public safety concerns from law enforcement officials because of the lack of data sharing allowed. Smullen attended a press conference with Homeland Security officials, his Minority colleagues and law enforcement officials earlier today.

“We are facing a public safety issue with the Green Light Law,” Smullen said after the press conference. “Homeland Security’s visit to Albany highlighted the dangers of being unable to access the DMV database. On top of public safety concerns, law-abiding citizens may lose the ability to use enhanced driver’s licenses and REAL ID because of the governor’s prioritization of illegal immigrants. It is now time the Majority politicians in Albany fix the bill which was passed so hastily last year, and put public safety first.”