Press Releases

Schimminger, Golombek Announce Funding for Riverside Park Football Field

Schimminger Announces Grants for Kenmore, North Tonawanda Libraries

Schimminger Announces Assembly, Senate Passage of Toll Payers’ Bill of Rights

Assembly Passes Bill to Increase Amount Businesses Can Borrow Via State Loan Program

Schimminger Announces Legislation to Revise Brownfield Cleanup Program Provisions, Clarify Tax Credits

Assembly Passes Election Reforms to Limit Special Interests, Make it Easier for Citizens to Vote

Assemblyman Schimminger Announces Technical Assistance Funding for Small Businesses, Technology Sector

Assemblyman Schimminger Announces Funding for Area Economic Development Entities in 2018-19 State Budget

60 Plus!

STAR 2017 Reminder

Assemblyman Robin Schimminger announces final passage of Charitable Gaming Act of 2017 in Assembly

Assemblyman Schimminger Announces $22,769 Grant for North Tonawanda Public Library

Assemblyman Robin Schimminger Sponsors Free BPO Concert Slated for July 9 at Niawanda Park

Schimminger Introduces New Legislation Creating Searchable Database for State Economic Development Benefits

Working to fix the STAR program

Holding Economic Development Councils more accountable

Assemblyman Schimminger Secures $125,000 for Riviera Theatre Improvements

Canisius College Students Travel to State Capitol, Advocate for Financial Aid

Schimminger Introduces Legislation to Bring More Transparency, Accountability to Government

Schimminger Secures $125,000 for Renovations at Kenmore Middle