Assemblyman Schimminger Announces State Funding for Town of Tonawanda

December 13, 2018

KENMORE, NY — Assemblyman Robin Schimminger (D-C-I-Kenmore) has recently announced that he has secured legislative funding for several projects in the Town of Tonawanda. These two State Assembly capital grants will go toward issues of need in the town’s police department, highway department, and youth, parks and recreation department.

A $500,000 state grant has been earmarked to fund a new police body camera backup system and four dispatch consoles for the Town of Tonawanda Police Department, as well as renovations to baseball diamonds in several town parks and sidewalk repairs throughout the town. A second grant, in the amount of $750,000, has been designated for use toward procuring two garbage trucks, installing new pool filter liners in the Town of Tonawanda Aquatic and Fitness Center, acquiring a vehicle fuel usage monitoring computer system and making additional sidewalk repairs.

Tonawanda Supervisor Joseph H. Emminger thanked Assemblyman Schimminger, adding, “The grant monies, that total $1.25 million that Assemblyman Schimminger obtained for the town, will cover cost of services that the Town of Tonawanda has long been noted for: public safety, sanitation pickup and recreational facilities. In addition, much-needed sidewalk repair work will commence next spring with some of the grant money obtained. We are very grateful that the Assemblyman continues to recognize the strain put on local governments and the taxpayers of the State and these grants will go a long way in allowing the town to continue to be the premier full-service municipality in Western New York that we strive to be.”

“As a lifelong resident of the 140th Assembly District, I recognize that the costs of providing services add up very quickly for local governments, and that this will often necessitate difficult decisions by town officials in order to ensure that our residents receive the quality of services they expect in the Town of Tonawanda,” Schimminger said. “I look forward to helping ensure that the town continues to meet expectations by directing these funds to help meet local needs and ease pressures on town property taxpayers.”